Gervonta Davis To Renovate His Community in Baltimore

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The boxing superstar shows again that he is a champion in and outside the ring, buying his old neighborhood block to renovate properties and create affordable homes for Baltimore natives.

Gervonta Davis gives back to his home town of Baltimore

Gervonta "Tank" Davis has never forgotten his Baltimore roots. With his latest endeavor, the city will never forget him either.

On Thursday, Davis was joined by Baltimore city officials as he announced that he will be acquiring and renovating the West Baltimore neighborhood he grew up in. 

Davis, an undefeated five-time world champion, will purchase nine properties, beginning with the vacant building at 1542 North Woodyear Street. The boxing superstar’s GTD Development will then renovate these buildings to create affordable housing. 

"I definitely want to thank everybody that was included and helped us make this happen," Davis said.  "I feel as though when I was coming up, we didn't have somebody to be hands-on with us."

City Council’s Nick Mosby was on hand at Thursday’s presser to laud Davis for his community efforts and also to present him with a City Council of Baltimore Presidential Citation. 

"Tank, when he goes around the world, he literally carries the city of Baltimore on his back," Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby said.  "For you to come back, invest in your hometown, invest in your community, and invest in your block - is truly, truly special."

This isn’t the first time Davis has been recognized by the city for giving back. Davis, who frequently gives away turkeys during Thanksgiving, holds backpack giveaways for students before the school year starts, and has helped countless up and coming athletes, has not only received a parade but has also been given a key to the city. The proud Baltimore native may be the greatest athlete in the city’s history. 

For a closer look at Gervonta “Tank” Davis, check out his fighter page. 

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