Presenting the 12 Rounds of Christmas: Round 4 (Chris Arreola vs Curtis Harper)

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The slugfest between hammer-fisted behemoths Chris Arreola and Curtis Harper likely won’t be included in any "Art of Boxing" instructional videos anytime soon, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to watch.

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12 Rounds of Christmas - Round 4

What this heavyweight showdown in Ontario, California, on March 13 lacked in terms of pure artistry, it more than made up for with pure, thunderous haymakers, each delivered with the subtlety of an anvil dropped from a skyscraper.

Some of the biggest blows were delivered in an action-packed Round 4, when Chris Arreola took the brunt of the punishment but also doled out a healthy dose of his own—this despite clearly injuring his right hand early in the round.

If you’re the type of boxing fan who enjoys head-swiveling, barroom-like fisticuffs between two dudes who combined to tip the scales in excess of a quarter ton, well, this round’s for you.

For full coverage of Arreola vs Harper, check out our fight page. And to view the entire 12 Rounds of Christmas series, head over to our video page.

Chris Arreola and Curtis Harper

Chris Arreola lands a clean right to the jaw of Curtis Harper in Ontario, California, on March 13. The two big men traded big shots throughout their eight-round clash, especially in Round 4. (Lucas Noonan/Premier Boxing Champions)

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