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Rolando RomeroPBC Boxing Video
May 14, 2023 / Rolando Romero vs Ismael Barroso, Rolando Romero, Ismael Barroso, Rances Barthelemy, Omar Juarez, Batyr Akhmedov, Kenneth Sims Jr., Michael Angeletti

"Rolly" Romero Captures 140-pound Title, Stops Ismael Barroso

Kenny Ellis, Calvin Ford
May 1, 2023 / Calvin Ford, Kenny Ellis, Gervonta Davis

Calvin Ford & Kenny Ellis: The Masters Behind Gervonta Davis

Gervonta DavisPBC Boxing Video
Apr 23, 2023 / Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia, Davis vs Garcia, Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia, David Morrell Jr, Elijah Garcia, Fiodor Czerkaszyn, Vito Mielnicki Jr.

The Face of Boxing: Davis Stops Garcia In Seven

Davis-GarciaPBC Boxing Video
Apr 17, 2023 / Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis

The Five Greatest Lightweight Fights Of This Century

Brian MendozaPBC Boxing Video
Apr 9, 2023 / Sebastian Fundora vs Brian Mendoza, Sebastian Fundora, Brian Mendoza, Brandun Lee, Pedro Campa, Luis Nunez, Christian Olivo

Shocker! Brian Mendoza Stops Sebastian Fundora in Seven

Sebastian FundoraSebastian Fundora knows his world championship title shot is going to arrive eventually.   In the meantime, Fundora waits and trains, trains and waits, and carries the patience of someone twice his age, encased by a vast wisdom that belies his youth.   At 6-foot-5½, 154 pounds, and with the wingspan of a Boeing 737, the 25-year-old southpaw from Coachella, California, has always been an anomaly. His physical dimensions once made him unusual and what the boxing world has found these last fewPBC Boxing Video
Apr 6, 2023 / Sebastian Fundora vs Brian Mendoza, Sebastian Fundora

Sebastian Fundora’s status grows taller with each victory

David Benavidez
Mar 26, 2023 / Benavidez vs Plant, David Benavidez, Caleb Plant, Jesus Alejandro Ramos, Joey Spencer, Chris Colbert, Jose Valenzuela, Cody Crowley, Abel Ramos

David Benavidez Overcomes Caleb Plant In A Thriller

Tim TszyuPBC Boxing Video
Mar 12, 2023 / Tim Tszyu, Tony Harrison, Tim Tszyu vs Tony Harrison

Tim Tszyu Stops Tony Harrison, Calls Out Jermell Charlo


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