Daniel Jacobs ends defensive battle emphatically with 12th-round TKO of Caleb Truax

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It was a long, slow burning fuse that eventually led to a 12th-round detonation.

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Jacobs vs Truax full fight: April 24, 2015

In a chess match kind of fight where the action was measured, Daniel Jacobs (29-1, 26 KOs) put on the kind of defensive showing that would have thrilled the 1985 Chicago Bears, largely shutting out Caleb Truax (25-2-2, 15 KOs) at Chicago’s IUC Pavilion on Friday night.

The fight opened as a staring contest with the stray punch thrown in here and there.

Jacobs circled Truax, keeping his distance, sharp shooting from the outside, judiciously firing his punches with sniper-like accuracy.

Truax came to life at the end of Round 2, rifling his jab, landing a solid right as he backed Jacobs into the ropes.

In Round 3, Jacobs did more circling than water going down a drain, connecting with a solid overhand right and a sweat-spraying left uppercut.

Jacobs put on a defensive clinic, swiveling his shoulders as Truax’s punches rolled off him like rainwater, moving his feet like an NFL running back dodging opposing linemen.

In the fifth round, Jacobs started pressing the action a bit more, using his jab to snap Truax’s head back like he was a human Pez dispenser and then following it up with his most effective combination punching up to that point.

Jacobs really gained momentum at the end of the sixth round, when he hammered Truax into the ropes with a devastating left hand.

Jacobs switched between a southpaw and orthodox stance from time to time, never enabling Truax to get in to any kind of rhythm, landing a hard right at the end of the ninth round and then staring down a bloodied Truax as headed back to his corner.

Truax cracked Jacobs with a hard right at the opening of Round 10 and pressed the action, cornering Jacobs, who then fought his way out of danger with a left hook followed by a right hand, only to be whacked by a solid right cross by Truax in the best sustained action of the fight.

Though he was clearly in control of the fight, Jacobs didn’t take his foot off the gas in the latter rounds, hammering away at Truax and earning a knockdown in Round 12 as he sent his opponent flying into the ropes.

Moments later Jacobs finished the normally durable Truax, who suffered the first knockout loss of his career.

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Daniel Jacobs and Caleb Truax

It took Daniel Jacobs most of the fight, but he was finally able to land some big shots against Caleb Truax.

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